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Delightful glass vase arrangement of 4 pink lily & 10 red roses
Rs 1079.00/-
USD $15.41
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One kg Eggless choco Truffle cake
Rs 1029.00/-
USD $14.7
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A big hamper full of 30 budding red roses with filler greens and a lot of leaves in a cute basket with a handgrip.
Rs 870.00/-
USD $12.43
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10 red carnations bunched in a printed cellophane paper and 500 gms of eggless fruit cake
Rs 955.00/-
USD $13.64
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Classy 15 white roses and 1 red rose bunch.
Rs 509.00/-
USD $7.27
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Fresh fruits cake of 500gms available from best bakeries across the city.
Rs 725.00/-
USD $10.36
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Marvelous 10 pcs white roses bouquet
Rs 499.00/-
USD $7.13
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Bunch of 4 Red Roses, 4 Yellow Roses, 4 white roses in cream color paper packing and box of Cadbury Celebrations
Rs 949.00/-
USD $13.56
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Classical 10 white & pink roses bouquet/bunch
Rs 499.00/-
USD $7.13
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Tremendous 6 pcs blue orchid bunch
Rs 599.00/-
USD $8.56
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Fantastic 10 pcs yellow lily bunch
Rs 1249.00/-
USD $17.84
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Terrific 25 roses basket arrangement
Rs 1049.00/-
USD $14.99
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Delightful and decorated chocolate truffle cake of one pound
Rs 699.00/-
USD $9.99
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Delicious chocolate cake with star topping of half kg
Rs 699.00/-
USD $9.99
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Premium quality Half Kg OREO chocolate cake
Rs 1089.00/-
USD $15.56
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Premium quality choco truffle cake of 1 kg
Rs 1149.00/-
USD $16.41
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A gorgeous combo of 10 red roses bouquet , a 6" teddy and a 16 pcs ferrero box
Rs 1319.00/-
USD $18.84
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An exciting bunch of 12 colorful roses, a chocolate cake, and 2 dairy milks silk or 60gm each
Rs 1199.00/-
USD $17.13
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A bunch of gorgeous 8 purple orchids and 20 beautiful white center roses with lots of green fillers wrapped in purple paper and a box filled with 16pc
Rs 1670.00/-
USD $23.86
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Dozen of stunning pink roses bouquet and 16 pcs ferrero roacher
Rs 1799.00/-
USD $25.7
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A fair combo of 8 Pcs Purple orchid bouquet and 24 Pcs Ferrero roacher Chocolate
Rs 1799.00/-
USD $25.7
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A typical combo of 1 kg black forest cake and a Silk chocolate bar
Rs 1249.00/-
USD $17.84
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A fine combo consists of cake teddy n chocolates
Rs 1199.00/-
USD $17.13
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Fantastic combination of Flower chocolate & cake
Rs 1949.00/-
USD $27.84
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Courier Gifts
Adorable Choco Combo
Rs 1849.00/-
USD $26.41
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Choco Tribute
Rs 1899.00/-
USD $27.13
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Choco Surprising
Rs 2199.00/-
USD $31.41
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Choco Treat
Rs 2449.00/-
USD $34.99
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Send Gifts To India via Xpress Flora

Whenever someone comes on a platform in choosing to send gifts to India , Manier occasions it’s tough for him or her to select the perfect one s/he can faith among a lot. Like many we, Xpress Flora emerge ourselves as one of the youngest Florist based on Kolkata,India who serves almost every city in India with the reputation of most retention in respect of customer. People over different parts of India or outside India can easily connect with us via www.xpressflora.com and we can make them sure that they will get more than they have invested, It’s surely worth their expenses.
We cater different categories of gifts to our customers Like Flowers,Cakes,Chocolates,Teddies,Greeting Cards,Fresh Fruits,Dry Fruits,Sweets,Snacks,Showpieces,Handicrafts Items and Others.
Customers prefer Send Gifts in India to send their gifts Indiawide.We cover almost 700 cities metro and non-metro and have more 1 Lac satisfied customer under our belt.
We have special occasions like Birthdays , Anniversaries and for that customer can customize their gifts as per requirement occasion wise.

Send Flowers ,Cake ,Chocolates ,Teddy Bears , Sweets , Greetings Cards , Fresh & Dry Fruits , Showpieces ,Handicrafts Gifts In India

If a customer visit online portal S/he expects more than anything else is good service. A hassle free delivery to whom the customer expects delivery on time to make the recipient happy with the gift more than anything else.Number of varities in gifting segment make job easier for the customers to express someone heart-felt emotion and Love to his/her close one.We value every customer emotion separately and arrange gift for them everywhere in India.We have options available for Boyfriend , Girl Friend , Husband ,Wife ,Father,Mother ,Brother,Sister for all types. We also have courier gifts delivery options available along with hand delivery which generally gets delivered as per requirement after the booking date.By giving all such free options to our customers, We claim ourselves as one of the finest florist of recent times.We also have our Mobile App to whom who are more often than not are mobile savvy.

Best Courier Gifts Delivery in India

With the help of our delivery partners like Fedex,Bluedart,DTDC,Delhivery,DHL,Aramex,Speed Post , we deliver our courier gifts to our customer all over India.We deliver orders of our customers in such a way that they can easily feel comfortable after placing the orders and they know their recipients get the ordered item/s on time without much fuss.

Choose XPRESS FLORA to make your Festivals ( New Year , Valentine’s , HOLI , Mother’s Day , Father’s Day , Friendship Day , Raksha Bandhan , Diwali , BhaiDooj , Christmas ) Stronger & Bigger

Customers who are habituated with online gifts delivery to India always prefer www.xpressflora.com to go to website for online delivery to their loved ones without hesitation or second thought.
New Year - New Year is one of main event as it is the starting of a year and everybody wants wish their near & dear ones with some gifts. We have arranged our gifts in such a way for them that is easily selectable for any ages. We have kept products of every price range and provide customers a wide range of options available to gift every corner of India in a click of mouse only. For New Year, We have categorized our products category in different way to make it for our customers. New year gifts to India, New Year Flower, New Year Cakes , Special gifts to new Year are other example among them. To make your favorite person’s New Year special stay connected to our site and select your best suited items with your individual from our wide range of items.
Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated events especially by young guys around the world. After some eventful days Sent valentine’s expressed her feeling to his girlfriend. By giving respect to this deed, the young couples from different parts of the world celebrate this with their soul mates in different ways, Sometimes special..Sometime it is epic and sometimes it is iconic too. We do cater our precious customers with full of lovely products and get those delivered on this day. The people who are in love are crazy about valentines and they make us crazy about valentines. We take special care for our customer when the event is on by increasing manpower, availability of products and all. We keep a dedicated category for valentine’s .Customers use sends Valentine’s gifts to India to send their individual gifts to their special people.
HOLI Holli is called the occasion of colour. People in different parts of India and world celebrate this day by sending gifts to their near and dear ones with Gulal and other colourful items.Also we dedicated a page full of product keeping in mind our customer sentiments to this sacred occasion.People over the world specially from India crazily celebrate the event with color,gulal and pickary and they can’t go away without giving their special ones a gift on this holy occasion. Mostly combos and hampers are sent with gulal and pickary keeping in mind the demand of that event.We always put our best foot forward to give our customers a memorable HOLLI every year with some new ideas or new inclusions.
Mother’s Day – The best gift by God to every living being’s life is his/her mother. Thus, we selected a day in a year which is dedicated to the mothers especially all around the world though the sacrifice the mothers are putting for us, Only one day in a year is not enough at all we rather should thank God for giving us mother & celebrate everyday with our mothers though It didn’t happen in reality. Moreover, We, Xpress Flora for our widely spread customers have arranged a healthy number of products with huge variety to navigate easily. In our dedicated page for Mother’s Day , We have kept products like Flowers , Cakes , Chocolates, Combo Gifts, Greeting Cards, Dry Fruits, Fresh Fruits , Sweets, Showpieces, Handicrafts and Combo Gifts. To deliver the orders, at the time of an event or before we asks our customers to place their orders as early as possible which give us ample time to manage things and deliver orders timely which is the most important thing we derive of.

Father’s Day Father’s day is celebrated around the world giving honor of fathers or father like figures. It’s celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June. On this day, People at different corner in the world used to honor their fathers or father like figure for their contribution or impact to their life. Everyone has their own way of celebrating Father’s day.Some send Flowers/Cakes/Sweets/Greeting cards to their Dad. Some spend a full day with their dad, Some go for a longer drive/cinema or dine out with their dad.For those who could not be able spend time on this day with their dad for some different reasons we can understand their feelings and from our side we, Xpress Flora, have kept a dedicated Occasion option named Father’s day Gift for those customers. We can understand their inner pain and thus challenge ourselves to bring smile on their by providing/delivering their heart-felt gifts to their dad.
Friendship Day Friendship day is celebrated at most parts of world and also in India for celebrating friendship. Different countries have their own date to celebrate friendship day. We , the Indians celebrate friendship day on 1st Sunday of August.Friendship is celebrated among the best buddies,School/Collagemates,Colleagues. It’s all come from heart.Friendship is one of the most trusted bond between humans; sometimes it is prior to Love.In this day people celebrate togetherness by exchanging gifts, hanging out together,Having lunch/dinner or wine.In short some prefer to get together to send gifts them.But who does not have enough time for togetherness due to heavy work pressure or others issue , we arrange our site for them with loads of such items which can easily bring smile on your friend’s face.Greetings Cards and Friendship Band are two mostly ordered items for Friendship day along with Flowers,Cakes,Chocolates and Sweets.We also run a discount offer at that period keeping in mind those customers who wants pocket friendly gifts for their friends.To make this friend last for longer period One could easily trust our website which will eventually make his/her friend doubly satisfied.
Raksha Bandhan – Raksha Bandhan is a traditionally hindu festival celebrated large parts of India. It’s an occasion where married or unmarried sisters tie a bracelet, a talisman or an amulet which is called Rakhi.The Hindu community of India celebrates it at their own styles at their own location. There is a huge respect and buzz around it. It is the occasion which is basically celebrated when a sister tie a bracelet/talisman/amulet to her brother’s wrist is to protect her from all danger, take care of her in every aspect of life. In return brother gives gift to her sister and promise to protect her in every danger.It’s true not only for blood connected brother or sister, it can be true for brother like figure or sister like figure. It’s celebrated world wide where hindu community stays.It’s a tradition that they follow very joyfully. Nobody wants to miss this ceremony at any cost and they celebrate it to their fullest. It’s a very occasion where every types of gifts has been given by the brothers to their sisters.We have dedicated a page for those who cant manage time to stay present at this type of ceremony and instead use online to send gifts.We have kept numerous products for them as well.
Diwali Diwali is a festival of Lights.It’s celebrated in autumn/late autumn which is one of the most popular festival of the Hindus.Diwali symbolize the spiritual victory of Light over darkness.Light is considered as Good. Thus it’s the occasion of win of Good over evil, knowledge over ignorance. Light is metaphor of knowledge and its consequences. During this festival offices,houses,temples,road sides are decorated with various color of lights.Friends,colleagues,neighbours,elders ,Youngers share Sweets with each other wearing new and traditional dress.At this event of light people worship Goddess Lakshmi who is controller of wealth.People worship her as by her blessing they can be enriched at every at every aspect of life.We have different sorts of gifting items ready for this event especially for our valuable customer who online gifting to hand to hand gifting.Sweets , chocolates , flower, cake are mainly sent at this event.We also a keep a dedicated category keeping in mind the essentiality and importance of this event.It is very helpful for the customers to ignore traffic at that period.
BhaiDooj - Bhai Dooj is a festival celebrated by the hindus in Indian sub-continent and also in Nepal.The most popular one is celebrated on the second day post diwali. It’s a similar festival like Raksha bandhan where brothers shares gifts to their sisters.In Raksha Bandhan, Sisters tie the bracelet to their brothers but in Bhai Dooj Sisters apply the tika/tilak as a sign of prosperity and in return brothers give their adorable sister the most charming gifts. Different types of gifts are shared.We also have dedicated category for this event to help our customer to find such products useful for this event.
Christmas - Christmas is an annual festival which is celebrated for the sake of birth of Great Jesus Christ.Billion Christian religions over the world celebrate this with full of lights,decoration,gifts on 25th December.It’ celebrated almost all over the world with lots of enthusiasm.Friends from different corner of the world get together as it’s Christmas week which is totally closed officially so there is no tension of office going or work pressure.Everybody is free from their mind and its fullest their family,parents,kids and relatives as well.A lots of gifts are exchanged,cakes are produced.DJ Party and have Wine is quite common on this festival.Santa Clause comes out with different types of gifts for the kids and others also.Over a week is celebrated this way.Our customers in India and outside too enjoy its fully by booking gifts from our portal for sending their Christmas to relatives , Parents,Friends,Colleagues.We never disappoint them and deliver those full of love gifts to each of their destinations with absolute care.Our dedicated category Christmas Gifts help the customers finding the best leveled gifts suited for this occasion.Christmas brings enormous pleasure to the people worldwide so do we.

Send Flower & Cakes to Metro and Sub-Metro City in India

When It’s come to sending gifts to our dearest ones, Flowers and Cakes are most used category in gifts.There are hardly any people in the world who does not like flowers.Flowers are something which is directly related to our heart.If you give somebody a gift consists of Flowers,It considers something directly comes close from heart.It has some inner beauty that enthralls the one who sends or receives. We for our customers send flowers to Delhi , Bangalore , Mumbai , Kolkata , Chennai , Hyderabad , Noida , Gurgaon , Faridabad , Ghaziabad , Pune , Nagpur , Ahmedabad , Mohali , Kochi , Guwahati , Cuttack and others cities also.You cansend it at all occasions.We normally cater flower like Rose,Carnations,Gerbera,Lily,Orchids,Glads and others as per order basis.
Another most used gifting commodity is different types of Cake . We also send cakes all over India.One can send Cakes to all him/her relations like Father ,Mother,Brother,Sister,Husband,Wife,Teacher,Boss,Colleagues.It is the thing that attracts more after Flower and it always carries a value to the recipient as well.There are number of cakes varities Like Chocolate ,Choco Truffle,Black Forest,White Forest,Butter Scotch,Vanilla,Strawberry,Fruit,Designer,Theme,Photo and many types of cake we cater Indiawide which is always very fresh and delicious.We have channalise our clients of different parts in such a way that we normally take 4hrs to deliver this items to their door steps and ½ hrs more if the distance is far.Thus this communication makes us one of brightest link in E-gifting portal in recent times.

Birthday Gifts to India by www.xpressflora.com

Birthday Gifts is one of the most important area viewers gather on a platform to think and looks for the best suited gifts to his/her desired one.www.xpressflora.com has brought all the items together under an umbrella to make it easy for the viewers to search the perfect one.We have created a dedicated head for this segment as well to make it even more helpful for the customers.Birthday cakes are mostly ordered items for this occasion along with Flower bouquet.We have arranged a poll of such items to negate farther issues arose.To make your loved one happy,there is no second option but to go ahead with Xpress Flora.

Anniversary Gifts to India by www.xpressflora.com

Happy Anniversary Cakes,Flowers and other gifts are listed at our website to make our customers feel comfortable about their choices for this occasion.If somebody has a gift idea it’s very good then but if someone don’t s/he can easily book orders from our sites as there very easier steps to follow and we have a dedicated category for this.From anywhere around the world you can book your orders and it will get delivered at your desired location within mentioned time frame.

Other gifts options for different Occasions

We also cater gifts for occasions like Farewell , Weddings , Funeral , Baby shower , New Born baby at every parts of india.Beside serving at these occasions we also serve corporate companies and dedicatedly arrange products as per their requirement on time.Thanks for the wide network you have and their timely respond from all over India which makes one of most potential E-gifting portal in India and we are inching closer to the giants at the segment.

Why Should Viewers choose Xpress Flora ahead of others?

There are every reasons customers should go ahead with Xpress Flora.
a. Easy access opportunity
b. Very reasonable price range for all items
c. All sets of items under one umbrella
d. Huge variations of items across all categories.
e. Very user-friendly booking Option.
f. Trust worthy payment gateway.
g. Guaranteed instant payment back in case of delivery failure.
h. Almost every city in India is covered under our network.
i. Easy option for customer log in and order tracking
j. Ordered items get delivered within mentioned time frame or less.